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1 Jan 2017

IN THE PICTURE: Headhunterz

1 Jan 2017
producer/techniques IN THE PICTURE: Headhunterz


  • Willem Rebergen
  • 12 September 1985
  • Alias; Headhunterz
  • Nickname: Heady
  • The Netherlands


Willem Rebergen a.k.a Headhunterz is a 31-year-old Dutch Dj/Producer. He is also the voice behind several human voices in movies like Harry Potter and Rocket Power.

In 2003 he started as Headhunterz he was very active in music production. In a short period after that, he wins the Defqon.1 DJ contest with his friend Bobby van der Putten. Success came when he signed at Hardcontrol Records under the name Headhunterz.

Since a few months Rebergen is also known for his vlogs on YouTube where you can have a look in his life. 

Check the Headhunterz collab with KSMHR below!



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