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29 Dec 2016

Inside Audio 'Future Starr' DJ's 2017

29 Dec 2016
djs Inside Audio 'Future Starr' DJ's 2017

Looking back on 2016 we can take stock. It was a good year for the Dutch Dance industry. But what can we expect next year? Inside Audio made a 'future starr' list of DJ's we think 2017 is going to be their year.


For the 17-year-old DJ Trobi a.k.a. Bryan du Chatenier 2016 was a year which made his dreams come true. He signed with the biggest dance label in the world 'Spinnin Records. January 13, we can expect his first track on Spinnin, according to Inside Audio plenty of reasons to label him as a future star. With its tropical house, Trobi will take over the world!


The 17-year-old Dutch DJ & Producer Mesto already captured the world with its collab 'WIEE' in 2016. The Dutch talent which is also known as Bouncy Bob, Tokyo, and its Final Call Remix is working hard for success. He recently signed a contract with Spinnin Records'. We cant get enough of Mesto and we think that 2017 is going to be his year! 


Jelle Slump

Perhaps an unknown name on this list. Jelle knows how to hit the right note every time. With his Hardwell remix but also with his own singles including 'Dreams'. Future House is absolutely booming and will remain so for a while in 2016. We are expecting a lot of new tracks from Jelle Slump in 2017.

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