My name is Jeffrey with my passion in music started I'd love share my knowledge with others, it inspires me. As a young musician I frequently encountered problems. On the Internet, there is not always the right information you need, it is also time for a good community for musicians. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is essential.

Insideaudio aims to create a platform where everything comes together, there will be more features in the future such as a forum and collab-palce.

Please contact us if you have questionnaires and/or comments.

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My name is Koen Blom , I'm a singer-songwriter in my alias Koen Bloom. I write songs and join in occasionally to check my Facebook for more!

I have a passion for guitar and inspire and teach others to be happy about this topic! I will write a monthly article on my knowledge and experience. Do you have suggestions or questions? Please let us know in a comment .

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I'm trying to explore different musical instruments at present and further develop these skills. My main activity is guitar, ukulele and drums. I look forward to an educational future and I hope I can go share my passion for music with others.

On the other hand of making music, I'm very busy with the development of content both visually and textually in the field of music.

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Hi, My name is Mike Rosen, I am a musician, producer and engineer hailing from the north of Sweden, but has ever since been traveling this planet on my pursue of the perfect beat. I literally dig any style of music, as long as the music is performed with honesty, great energy and vibe.

I love great productions, as well as I also love great intentions! I am here to share with you my experiences, skills, knowledge, greatest mistakes and much more. Life itself, as well as the world of audio is such an adventure if you keep your mind open and are ready to explore, so I hope you want to join me on this journey here at Inside Audio!

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Woohoo! My name is Casper Rijzewijk, I'm a YouTuber at the Best House Songs Youtube Channel that provides interviews with famous dj's on Youtube. Beyond that you can also find me regularly on a dutch festival where I make recordings & photographs.

Who my favorite artists are? Definitely Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Mesto, and much more of course ;)

Feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. Always interested in idea's an subjects for new articles.

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Hi, I'm a random guest blogger who likes to stay anonymous.

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Some dude from the Philippines. Part time ghost producer and a student at some fancy university. 

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Hello world, My passion for music was always a natural habit to get away from my life issues. My very first  played instrument was drums, bongos, and little violin  training through a prep middle school. My passion for music theory as well learning new music hardware is endless. My goals are to work with any, musicians, artists, producers and artists to challenge me to my fullness potential.

As a young youth in Oakland CA,  being a the oldest brother forced me to grow up fast. Being native to the Bay Area that was  very social little guy, I knew my way around really well, like no other eight 7 year boy old in North Oakland. 

My first experience, not to fair from my apartment complex ..I found myself at my first Rock &  Punk mosh pit concert, yes a mosh pit,which soon introduced me to my first studio encounter of my life. I was a witness seeing a band being recorded & mixed live from SSL counsel with foolish young guys having the of their lives, drinking Rockstar every drinks and  unlimited snickers!

  Was all the motivation, experience, and instinct needed for me to pursue my goals as a sound engineer &  producer. From fiddling with computers in ITA, to learning about Motherboards, servers, to even  the inside components.  I eventually  started studying how to build  home networks along with troubleshooting  errors within the network.My first program, which was very vital to my learning process, Adobe Audition taught me everything about recording theory. 

My skills: Being universal with all genre's. Playing Drums,Vocalist, Understanding of Digital Automation Logic Process,Read, Write Touch, Latch,  BUS Routes for  Unique Processing,EQ, DSP, Pro Tools HD, SSL,Mastering, Mixing, understanding t of  Waves plugins & DSP,FL Studio 12 ,Logic Pro X10, Adobe Audition 3.0, Troubleshooting Support via  the Internet,  knowledge of Microsoft systems,Apple, Visionary In: Visual design, Social Marketing retention, Target audience strategies, Video, Photo editing skills.

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I'm Lucas, a full-time producer making top 10 tunes, project files, samples and presets for over 5 years. Besides that I'm also a nerdy audio programmer waiting to make the next #1 plugin and founder of a Sample Pack company called The Audio Bar. Making the finest samples, presets, and project files in DAWs like Ableton, FL, Logic X, and Bitwig.

Partnered up with educational institutions like Point Blank and SAE, one of my main goals is to share knowledge with my skills, so enjoy my tutorials and tips.

Hit me up in Facebook if you wanna know more.

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Hey, My name is Shaun, I am aspiring Journalist who wants to work in the music and radio industry. I am from the UK and I am currently study Journalism at Cardiff University in Wales. I have always had a passion for music and love to attend festivals and gigs whenever possible, i also like discovering new music from new artists and some day hope that i can be the one that gives young and inspiring artists their chance to succeed in the music industry. i listen to many different styles and genres of music, but my personal favourites are DnB and Bass as well as Electronic. I hope that by writing for the InsideAudio team i will be able to turn my passion for industry into a career. I also hope that by using my own skill set, i will be able to network, and write many more intriguing and engaging interviews with exciting future artists!

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THE RUCKERT'S are a musical group comprised of five NY-based singer/songwriters (Lisa Rosenberg, Larry Rosenberg, Regi Ransdell, Karl Thomas and Bruce Gordon) who met while studying music theory, composition and performance under the watchful tutelage of musician, Ann Ruckert....(hence, the band name). This group of artists has come together to offer a unique blend of musical styles and ideas. Having been taught by Ruckert that there is "strength in numbers" and "being with like-minded people helps you progress quicker", the individual musicians made a decision to come together, join their talents and make some beautiful music. With a wide array of musical influences and genres.

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Josh is an New York based music technologist, most known for his work as a producer, engineer and film composer.

Josh is trained as a multi-instrumentalist and in theory and composition. In 2013, he was accepted into the highly competitive Music Technology program at New York University, receiving an accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree. Since relocating to NYC, Josh has studied in every facet of sound, audio, and music and learned from the industry's best.

In the spring of 2015, he refined his skills studying at IRCAM in Paris, France, the world-leading institute for acoustics and computer music. And in the past, has worked at some of the best studios the city has to offer, working with and learning from award-winning producers, engineers, and artists—including work at Studio G Brooklyn during their work on High Suspect's Mister Asylum, nominated for 2016 Best Rock Song and Album of the Year. Josh currently works primarily as a freelancer and as an engineer at Moon Recording in Brooklyn.

If you have any question regarding mixing and mastering? Send an email to

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My name is Daan, I am a passionate rapper and video specialist. I record, film and edit.

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