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About Inside Audio

The Netherlands is the country where a lot of famous DJs and producers come from. In addition, there are many singer-songwriters and creative musicians. Inside Audio is the first Dutch platform for the musician from A to Z. Our experience is that it is not always easy as a musician to find the right information.

Since 2016, the community of Inside Audio has been answering the questions of the aspiring musician and helping companies to highlight their products.

Who is behind it?

Together with a team consisting of various disciplines, Inside Audio was founded. Jeffrey Muller is the founder of the platform but is supported by a developer, various authors, videographer and a designer. Together we work hard on the success and expansion of the platform. We have a background in online marketing, professional music industry and are involved in various startups.

Due to the technological background of Inside Audio, many new additions and projects aimed at the music industry will follow in the future.

The goal of Inside Audio

The new and younger generation of musicians is getting bigger and bigger. The process of making and composing music also becomes more innovative, every day. Inside Audio focuses on a new target group that grows up with technology and experiences music differently than generations before them. In the year 2018 it is fairly easy to install a program on a computer and get started.
Inside Audio responds to this development and easily publishes consumable content for the new generation! Inside Audio aims to educate the young generation and keep up to date with the latest news and information.

Inside Audio is also developing tools that will contribute to the innovation process in the music industry.

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